Mother shocked to discover her son’s bride is her lost DAUGHTER on their wedding day

A Chinese mother was startled when she found out her son’s bride is her long-lost daughter.

On her son’s wedding day in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, a mother was shocked to discover that the bride was no other but her long-lost daughter. As Daily Mail reports, the woman had been separated from her daughter for many years, and she could not recognize her at first.

Credits: Oriental Daily

However, during the ceremony, she spotted a birthmark on her hand. The mother immediately recalled that her lost child had the very same birthmark.

According to Times Now, the bride and her mother were seen crying and hugging one another during their unexpected reunion on March 31.

Despite the bride being the woman’s daughter, her son had been adopted, so the wedding was able to proceed.

The groom was entirely unrelated to his future wife, meaning that they had no reason to refrain from marrying each other.

Reportedly, the Chinese woman adopted her son after years of searching for her lost daughter.

As she was taken aback by seeing the birthmark, she decided to ask the bride’s parents if their daughter had been adopted. In spite of being confused by the straightforward question, they confirmed they had adopted the child after finding her alone on a roadside over 20 years ago.

Credits: Oriental Daily

When the young bride heard the whole story, she burst into tears. She later described the surprise reunion as “happier than the wedding day itself.”

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