Mother Shares Video Of ‘Possessed’ Daughter After Drink ‘Spiked’ In Nightclub

A mother posted a terrifying video of her daughter in a state of what looks like ‘possession’ after having her drink spiked, to show what it looks like.

Millie Taplin was at the Moo Moo nightclub in Essex, UK, on her first night out after turning 18 when a man she had been talking to got her a drink and said ‘try this.’

Millie accepted the offer and tasted a little, but ‘didn’t like it because it was really strong’. In a matter of minutes, she started feeling ill and said she had been ‘spiked’.

In an interview with The Mirror, Millie’s mum Claire said the following:

“She knew she wasn’t feeling drunk, she knew it wasn’t right. She was sick and she couldn’t see, she couldn’t walk.”

Image: Claire Taplin

The victim told Your Southend she ‘couldn’t see properly’ and ‘couldn’t feel her hands’, adding:

“I knew that I wasn’t right, I was trying to speak and was stuttering and mumbling.”

Image: Claire Taplin

Millie’s friends got in touch with her older sister, who brought her to the emergency room on July 31.

Her mother got there at around 1:30 am. The footage she shared later shows the state Millie was in when Claire arrived.

The video shows Millie unable to form a sentence or walk and with her hands bent like ‘claws’. Claire described the nightmare as ‘absolutely horrendous’, and said Millie looked ‘possessed’.

She went on to say:

“I was looking at her and thought, ‘what the hell have they given her’, because I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. She was completely frozen, her hands were like claws.”

According to medics, Millie had been spiked with two kinds of drugs – ‘one to paralyze and one to knock her out’.

The mother said:

“The thing that destroyed me was she knew everything that was going on but she was frozen. When I made contact with her I could see that she was there, she was trying to [make] eye contact with me but she couldn’t speak.”

Claire also noted that if her sharing of the video saves the life of one girl, ‘then it’s worth sharing.’

Millie remained in the horrific state for about three to four hours, her mother said, before she was released from the hospital later on. She is said to have remained ‘completely out of it’ for the rest of the day, but has since recovered.

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