Mother of twin babies tattoos one so she can tell them apart

A mother of twins has been heavily criticized for tattooing one of her babies so she could tell them apart. 

As per LADbible, a 31-year-old mother of two beautiful twin boys asked the internet whether she was wrong to give one of them a tiny medical tattoo. In a Reddit post, the woman questioned:

“AITA for medically tattooing my child under the recommendation of a doctor?”

*AITA – Am I The A**hole

In her story, the mother gave her two boys the fake names Jack and Adam. Baby Jack was born with a medical condition that requires an injection every week.

When her sons turned 9-months-old, the young mother returned to work. As she was not able to take Jack for his weekly shot, she trusted her mother-in-law with this important task.

Although she trusted her husband’s mom 100%, she once gave the injection to baby Adam instead of his brother. 

The mother explains:

“She immediately noticed her mistake called 911 and they were transferred to hospital. By the time I got there, Adam had been given the reversal agent and they were both happily sipping on juice loving the attention. We went home the same night told to push fluids. He was never in danger. It’s a very slow-acting medication that, at worst, would have given him diarrhea in a few days.”

She then went on describing that her mother-in-law was deeply distraught after she had mixed up the twins. She was so “beside herself” that she refused to continue looking after the babies, and the mother had to take them to daycare.

The doctor at the daycare recommended an unusual approach to help the childcare staff tell the brothers apart, so they don’t give Adam the injection meant for Jack.

“Doctor recommended a medical tattoo. Explained they tattoo a freckle, no bigger than the end of a pencil eraser, on an area of skin that’s easily seen.”

During the process, the child was going to be under “mild sedation similar to dental offices.” Besides, the fake freckle was expected to fade in two to three years. By that time, the boys “should have developed more personal features.”

After discussing the doctors’ recommendation with her husband, the woman decided to tattoo her 9-month-old son.

It was a medical tattoo of a tiny 2mm brown freckle on his earlobe.

However, the mother-in-law was outraged to find out her grandson was tattooed without her permission. In an attempt to calm her down and explain that the process was harmless yet necessary, the woman decided to do a little experiment.

“I tried to explain, but she just freaked out, so I put both kids on the floor and told her to pick up Jack and find the tattoo. She picked up Adam So I handed her Jack and after 20 minutes still couldn’t find it. Stripped him to his skivvies. I finally pointed it out and she went ‘That’s just a freckle’ I just said… ‘My point exactly. Adam doesn’t have a freckle there. So that’s how daycare can tell them apart’.”

The mother then goes on to say that her children’s grandma is still angry with her decision. Moreover, she claims that even some of her friends think she “went too far” by giving her baby a tattoo. However, she believes she had taken “the necessary precautions recommended by the doctor.”

“By the time he’s five it probably won’t even be visible or it’ll just look like a faded freckle. So.. AITA?”

Social media users were quick to give their opinion about the twins’ complex tattoo situation.

Many of the Redditers claimed she was not wrong for giving her baby a tattoo, especially when it will help with his medical condition. One of them said:

“It’s literally a fake freckle. It’s not like you gave him a full sleeve of pin up girls and muscle cars. Also, it’s to make it harder to accidentally kill him or his brother. You made the right call.”


Another wrote:

“You took the recommendation from a medical professional and made the decision with your spouse for the safety of your child. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, especially for something so small.”


What do you think of the mother’s decision to tattoo one of her children to tell them apart? Let us know in the comment section!

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