Mother records emotional message for her son before she gives him for adoption

In 2016 the young mother Hannah Mongie, then 18, gave birth to a beautiful child.

Unfortunately, her boyfriend and the baby’s father Kaden tragically passed away soon after she got pregnant. Given this fact, she didn’t think that she could be able to raise her son on her own. Hannah made the heartbreaking decision to give her son for adoption.

The young mother knew that a loving family would give her baby the joyful and carefree childhood it needed. She made a touching video in which she shares the reasons behind her choice to give her son for adoption. In the video, through tears she says:

“I made this decision purely out of love because I knew I couldn’t give you what I knew you needed.”

Hannah was determined to find the perfect family for her child.

Eventually, she met Brad and Emily Marsh, her son’s new parents. They got along really well and she genuinely fell in love with them. Together they named the baby Taggart Kaden Marsh. Hannah had only 48 hours with her son before she had to give him to his new family.

Since then, they have been living in an open adoption relationship. Brad and Emily accept Hannah as a true family member and she never misses a chance to see her son. The Marshes already had another child from an open adoption and their views on the adoption process charmed Mongie. In an interview, they say that they have a healthy, balanced relationship with one another. Everyone feels safe and protected in their parenting roles.

Now, little Tagg is living a happy childhood with his extended family. He has two more brothers, both from open adoptions. The children’s biological mothers are having active roles in their lives. As for Hannah, she hopes that one day she would have the education and the experience needed to become a loving wife and a mother.

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