Mother and son with rare condition are stunning the Internet with their striking blue and black ‘swirled’ eyes

Stunning multi-color-eyed mother and son are stealing everyone’s hearts across social media. 

A mom and baby son duo with captivating blue and black eyes are one of the latest Internet sensations. Elizabeth Tyler, 35, and her one-year-old boy Liam have a unique condition called heterochromia iridum, which causes them to have two different eye colors within one iris, Daily Mail reveals.

Interestingly, while they both share the same unusual condition, it has affected them differently.

Elizabeth’s eyes are colored in a dazzling blue and deep brown mixture, while Liam has one blue eye and one that is both blue and black. However, the Ohio business owner and her charming son are not the only members of their family with this condition. Elizabeth’s father and her siblings were also born with heterochromia iridum.

Tyler loves the fact that the rare condition makes her and her baby boy stand out! 

The mom influencer shares she aims to show others that being different is okay. She says:

“I love my eyes because they are unique. It’s okay to be different!”

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Snuggles with my littlest love 🅻🅸🅰🅼🅼🅰🆇, he’s been so busy running around the house, I’m just happy to catch him ✨Omg, how cute is he though? 😍I love all the new stages that come with motherhood! I call this one “catch me if you can”——————> How’s momming been lately? Talk back, let’s chat! 🅶🆁🅾🆆 🅰🅽🅳 🅶🅻🅾🆆 🆆🅸🆃🅷 🆄🆂. • • • • “The man who has no imagination has no wings.” ―Muhammad Ali🤍“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will.” ―George Bernard Shaw🤍“Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.” ―Gloria Steinem🤍 • • • • #positivevibes #positivity #imagination #fun #daily #picoftheday #love #heterochromia #blueeyes #eyes #browneyes #curly #curlyhair #cutekids #kidsofinstagram #smile #growandglow #toddlersofinstagram #toddlerlife #mommyandme #mommyblogger #LiamMax #marbleeyes #love #life #explorepage #instagramfriends #instagram #instadaily #instagood

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With a social media fame like hers, with over 14k followers, Elizabeth is often asked about her condition by curious admirers. Being a victim of bullies herself for her differences, Tyler is using the platform not only to share adorable content but also to spread awareness about heterochromia iridum. She shares:

“I was often bullied while growing up and they were a normal part of my life but the response from others brought more attention to them. My eyes were a common topic of interest when people who were not used to seeing them. But now, I feel blessed to be able to inspire others who have the same condition and may be uncomfortable with it.”

The proud mother-of-five adds:

“My son also has heterochromia iridum, [But his eyes] are different than mine. He has one blue eye and the other in mostly brown with two blue sections.”

Do you know someone who has the rare condition heterochromia iridum? Let us know in the comment section!

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