Most people “SUCK” at using Google, tech expert says

According to a tech expert, most people “SUCK” at using Google. 

Chris Hladczuk, an Investment Bank Analyst at Goldman Sachs, has recently claimed that most people don’t know how to use Google correctly in a blunt Twitter post.

According to the Yale graduate, if we use the search engine right, it becomes “the most powerful tool in the world.” However, as he notes, “the truth is most people suck at it.” 

The tech expert, who often posts helpful business stories on his Twitter account, has written a whole thread with valuable Googling tips you probably don’t know. For instance, Hladczuk remarks that when using quotation markets, you can search for the exact word you have typed.

Put quotes around search terms to let you search exactly for that word. All results will have your terms in it.

Example: “James Clear”

Gives you all James Clear search results without just “James” or just “Clear”.

Another piece of advice he gives is about using tilde when searching for synonyms.

Use tilde when you want synonyms to appear in the result.

Example: music ~classes

Here you only get music classes, lessons, coaching, etc.

A third recommendation Hladczuk gives is using the vertical bar instead of typing the word “or.”

| Vertical bar

Same purpose as OR.

Example: Netflix | Hulu

Netflix OR Hulu

Did you find this tech expert’s Google tips helpful? Is there anything else you would add to his list? Let us know in the comment section!

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