Moment Woman Carelessly Walks A Huge Giraffe On The Santa Monica Beach Goes Viral

This is the incredible moment when people at a Santa Monica beach were stunned to see a woman taking a giraffe out on a walk on the sand. 

Everyone just stopped what they were doing to stare and record the giant majestic creature as it passed through the beach.

Lead by three people, the giraffe calmly walked down while one person noted:

“It’s not everyday you see a giraffe.”

Another said:

“That’s insane!”

It was later revealed that the animal’s name is Jax and that it was part of a Labor Day party organized by the Jonathan Club in California.

The person who recorded the video had no clue why it was taking a walk through the beach, but one person on social media said that it might be going to the Jonathan Club’s annual chili cookoff.

They wrote:

“This may be for the Jonathan Club chili cook-off. It’s on this day every year but we’ve never had a giraffe!”

The Jonathan Club welcomed the giraffe to their special party in a Facebook post, writing:

“Our special guest at the beach today, Jax! Happy Labor Day!'”

Some people on social media joked that the sight was “peak LA.”

One said:

“That’s my emotional support giraffe.”

Another added:

“I’d stick my neck out and say…that looks like a giraffe #support.”


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And while most commenters were supportive of what they saw, some thought it was an act of cruelty.

One person wrote:

“Seems obnoxious, considering the giraffe is in direct sun with no water(?). People can be disgusting.”

Another commented:

“I hope that beautiful creature is okay…I hate seeing this…”

For CBS’s report on the story, check out the video below.

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