Mom who wished for a third child “shocked” after conceiving triplets

Be careful what you wish for: A woman who wished for a third child was shocked to discover she was having triplets. 

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Holly Bassler, 33, from Pennsylvania, wanted to complete her family with another child after already having two wonderful kids. When she got pregnant with her third one, she was on the seventh heaven. But what really rocked her world was the news she was having not one, not two, but three babies.

In 2019, during her eight-week scan, the mom found out there were three little hearts beating inside her belly. At first, she was quite “terrified” that she was about to become a mother of five.

Fortunately, now, almost two years after her triplets’ birth, Holly couldn’t be happier with her big family. 

Credits: @toddlersandtriplets / Instagram

Speaking to Daily Mail, she shared:

“My husband Mike, 32, who is an electrician, and I wanted to have three children who were close in age so they can grow up together. We never thought we would have three babies at once as none of our families has multiples.

I went to the ultrasound alone and I was in total shock when they said there were three sacs. It was overwhelming and I began freaking out. I was worried in case I wasn’t going to be the mother I’ve always wanted to be as it was hard enough with a one and two-year-old.”

Holly gave birth to Judah, Jamie, and Jack through C-section on May 10, 2020. 

Credits: @toddlersandtriplets / Instagram

The happy mom, who has two other kids named Aaralyn and Jessie, added:

“The pregnancy was wonderful. I wasn’t sick and I wasn’t super sore. I had no health concerns, it was fantastic and everyone was growing perfectly. 

At times, I was worried because Jessie was still nursing and both kids were sleeping in our bed. I worried how it will work with five kids but then I had to remind myself how amazing it is that my body has created three babies at once. It’s a miracle and a blessing.”

Having five children, Holly wishes she could “be in more than one place” at a time. 

Credits: @toddlersandtriplets / Instagram

The homemaker from Pennsylvania said:

“Our lives are very busy and chaotic. It is difficult but I have a lot of faith that good days are coming.

The overstimulation and constant demands of having all the kids is the hardest part. As they are all so young, they still need me for so many things.

I feel bad that I can’t be in more than one place at one time. But I am happy that they are close in age as they will be able to experience life together. The triplets have been good for Aaralyn and Jessie as they have become considerate, helpful, sociable, and friendly.”


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