Mom shares a revolutionary 5-minute pumpkin carving hack, and everyone is obsessed!

Halloween fever! This mom has gone viral with her quick & easy pumpkin carving hack. 

If you also got that pumpkin craze, you are absolutely going to appreciate this lady’s awesome pumpkin hack. Preparing the squash for carving may not be your favorite part of the holiday, but this one is worth the attention.

Nina Rutherford, from Falkirk, shared her game-changing Halloween hack with her Facebook friends, but it quickly went viral all over the internet.

Nina Rutherford / Facebook

In only 5 minutes, you can have your pumpkin perfectly cleaned of all of its fillings. Here is how!

You will only need a pumpkin(obviously) and an electric whisk. 

Nina Rutherford / Facebook

First, the 34-year-old mom starts by cutting off the top of the pumpkin. She then turns the whisk on and uses it all the way around the inside of the squash. Once the process is finished, Nina simply scoops everything out with a large spoon.

The result is a perfectly cleaned pumpkin ready to be carved and lit up on Halloween.

Nina Rutherford / Facebook

In her helpful Facebook post, which has been shared over 127,000 times, the crafty mom writes:

“I feel I need to pass on this Halloween pumpkin hack: once you have cut the top off get a hand mixer (with one or 2 whisks on it as both work) and use this to detach all the insides of the pumpkin…take the whisks right to the edge of the pumpkin so it scrapes the bits off then just scoop out the insides that are now all mush (it has just taken me 5 minutes to do the inside of a pumpkin 🎃

Nina Rutherford / Facebook

As per Mirror, Nina added:

“Each year I would say to friends and family ‘Oh you should try this hack’. Yet no one else had ever heard of it, so this year I thought I would take pictures and share them on Facebook. I didn’t think it would be this popular and honestly thought more people would have known about it already. Anything to make the pumpkin carving easier is always a win in my books.”

Do you find Nina’s hack useful? Are there any other Halloween tips and tricks you would like to share? Let us know in the comment section!

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