Mom found caked in dried blood after ‘shooting dead her daughter, 22, and trans son, 16’

A mother is being charged with murdering her two children at their house in Beaver County, Pennsylvania.

The suspect has been identified as Krisinda Bright, 48. She is charged with two counts of criminal homicide. She is currently being held in the Beaver County jail.

The victims have been identified as Jeffrey Bright, 16, and Jasmine Cannady, 22. The mother is said to have shot both of her children in the head, according to the Beaver County coroner.

The Ambridge School District made a statement, saying:

“Dear Parent or Guardians:

It is with deep regret that we inform you about a recent loss to our school community. On Monday, February 22, 2021, a student at Ambridge High School, passed away. This loss is sure to raise many emotions, concerns, and questions for our entire school, especially our students.

The Ambridge Area School District has a Crisis Intervention Team made up of professionals trained to help with the needs of students, parents, and school personnel at difficult times such as this. The District has counselors available for any student who may need or want help or any type of assistance surrounding this loss. We encourage you, as parents, to also feel free to use our resources.

If you would like additional information or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Janice Zupsic, High School principal at [email protected] or call 724-266-2833 Ext. 2287. Additionally, Val Misencik can be reached at 724-266-2833 Ext. 2377 to assist you in reaching a counselor for support.

We are saddened by the loss to our school community and will make every effort to help you and your child.”

Krisinda Bright. Image: Facebook

Officers responded to a call regarding a shooting in the 900 block of Maplewood Avenue in the afternoon last Monday.

Upon arrival, the officers found the two children lying lifeless inside the home. Police Chief John DeLuca called the sight a “gruesome scene.”

Authorities say the mother called 911 after the shootings took place. She let the police into her home and that is when they found the two bodies.

Jeffrey and Jasmine were shot dead by their own mother.

The block has now been sealed for the collection of evidence.

One witness told KDKA that as he rode on his bike he saw a woman being arrested by police at her porch. Another person said she was walking her son’s friend home from a sleepover while all of this happened.

Witness Rachel Kruze said:

“I said, ‘Is it safe for us to walk him home?’ and they said, ‘We have to escort you.’ And I said, ‘That’s fine, but is it safe, what happened, did something bad happen?’ He said, ‘We can’t tell you.’”

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