Mom Dies Of Laughter Trying To Bribe Her Son With Food To Say “Mama” But Her Dog Steals The Spotlight

As we all know, there are no animals quite like dogs! They bring us constant joy, help us out, and for that, we are eternally thankful to them!

Dogs love two things above all else: their owners and their food! And here is one sweet dog who was ready to “say” anything just to get a treat, even if that meant outshining a little baby boy!

The incredibly adorable dog named Patch almost instantly understood what game is being played and howled “mama” a few times.

This is absolutely sweet, hilarious and about the most loving thing we’ve seen all day. As you listen, you’ll also notice how surprisingly accurate Patch’s howl is! This dog is simply unique!

The video becomes even cuter and funnier when little Sam takes note of what Patch is doing, refusing to give up what belongs to him.

If you like this video, share it and brighten someone else’s day the way it brightened ours!

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