Mom and daughter with shocking resemblance are blowing people’s minds, nobody can tell who the parent is

“God literally did a copy and paste.” – These mother and daughter have an uncanny resemblance, and people are going crazy.

  • TikTok users are baffled with this mom-daughter duo.
  • Their striking similarity is leaving viewers struggling to tell them apart. 
  • The mom says she doesn’t see why people mistake her for her teenage daughter.

Stacie Simon and her daughter Madison are the newest social media sensation. The Georgia girls look more like twins than a mother and a daughter. Their looks have so much in common that people often find it hard to distinguish them from one another.

As per Mirror, Stacie, who is in her 40s, doesn’t understand why most people mistake her for her teenage daughter. But their matching sweaters, long blonde hair, and wide smiles puzzled over 1 million viewers in a recent video they posted on TikTok.


Since it’s said so often, we went there. Still don’t see it! #fyp #momsover40 #WhatsPoppin #motherdaughter @madisonn._.smithh

♬ original sound – hawkhatesyou

The clip was captioned: “Aren’t you that mother/daughter duo that people think are twins?”

Social media users commented that the resemblance of the mother and daughter was “mind-blowing”.

Stacie and Madison received comments like: “Wow, I can’t figure out which is mum.”, “For sure, you’re twins.”, and “God literally did a copy and paste.”

The mom responded to one of the commenters, saying: “We get it all the time but we don’t see it.”


Yep. Hopped on this trend. #fyp #momsover40 #motherdaughterduo

♬ The Chicken Wing Beat – Ricky Desktop

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