Model in tears after casting director rejects her for not being skinny enough

Model, 23, slams a NY casting director for forcing her to lose weight because they couldn’t see her bones. 

Anna Gnatt, a 23-year-old model, who has been in the industry since 2014, has recently shared a story revealing the cruel reality of fashion.

Credits: Anna Gnatt / Instagram

In a TikTok video, through tears, the young woman admitted:

“These are days that I f*cking hate being a model!”

Talking to her viewers, Anna confessed she is constantly made feel terrible about herself “because [she’s] not a skeleton and because [she’s] not unhealthy anymore,” and that she is “never good enough.”

The model said her “feelings were hurt” by both the producer and director in a recent casting. 


Welcome to the reality of modeling in NYC. I’m so crushed. #fyp #nyc #modeling #fashion #model #nyclife

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Opening up about the raw reality she lives in as a model, Anna said:

“I see on TikTok. Everyone wants to be in fashion, everyone wants to model. I’m 5″10, I’m healthy. I suffered with an eating disorder for years, and I finally feel confident in my size.”

As for her recent casting, she explained:

“They said, ‘You’re not waify enough. We want to see your bones. The shoot is in early December, you can lose some weight.’

It’s f***ing 2021, and they’re telling me to lose weight for a shoot that is going to be released in Barcelona!”

Following her overwhelming encounter with the producer and the casting director, Anna firmly declared: “F*ck modeling!”

Credits: Anna Gnatt / Instagram

Shockingly, the 23-year-old even revealed that she lost her period due to the unhealthy lifestyle she was forced to support to keep a certain weight. She added:

“Living in this city will make you feel like sh*t about yourself…

I’m f*cking DONE.”

As Unilad notes, statistics show that in 2017, 62% of US models had been told to lose weight by their agents. Meanwhile, 54% were told they had to lose weight if they wanted to book modeling jobs.

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