Model, 19, urges men to LEAVE WOMEN ALONE at the gym after man in his 40s tries to hit on her

Model, 19, urges men to stop bothering women at the gym after a guy in his 40s tries to hit on her while she was working out. 

Avrey Ovard, a 19-year-old model from Utah, posted a shocking TikTok video from the gym, showing a much older man asking her out.

Credits: TikTok

In the clip, the man can be seen approaching Avrey while she was stretching and asking for her number so he could call her and take her out to dinner. However, when she denies his request saying she is “too young” for him, he drastically changes his tone, replying: “Well, I’m too rich,” before walking away.

The TikTok video, which has been viewed more than 2.2M times, was captioned: “LEAVE WOMEN ALONE!!!”

Avrey’s followers blasted the older man in the comment section, with many pointing out his inability to handle rejection.

Credits: TikTok

Meanwhile, others believed this situation should make him think twice about bothering young girls in the future. One commented:

“By saying you’re too young holds him accountable for his actions, half the time we have to say ‘I have a BF’ and men still push for numbers and stuff.”

Another agreed:

“I actually like the way you said I’m too young instead of I have a BF idk might steer him away from young people hopefully.”

Avrey shared more details about the disturbing situation in a YouTube video, saying: “You can see it on my face, I could not believe that happened!”

Credits: TikTok

The 19-year-old model recently posted a video on her YouTube channel, explaining exactly what had happened at the gym. In the vlog, she says she had never had an experience like this before.

“So, I’m stretching, minding my own business. He comes back out of the physical therapy place and proceeds to ask me what my name was… And then he’s basically saying: ‘Oh, yeah, well, I have my physical therapy appointment. By the time I come back out you might be gone, so, how about I get your number and I take you yo dinner?’ 

And my first instinct was to say: ‘I am too young for you.'”

Avrey concludes the clip, urging:

“Men, leave women alone in the gym. It’s literally the last place I would ever want to be hit on.”

Here is the TikTok video that shocked millions of viewers: 


for those who saw my YT vid lmao here’s this …. LEAVE WOMEN ALONE!!!! #gym #gymgirl #PerfectMarcJacobs

♬ original sound – ave

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