Missing woman found living in a national forest because she needed “solitude and isolation”

A Utah woman declared missing escaped in a bid to find “solitude and isolation.”

In November, a 47-year-old woman was reported missing by U.S. Forest Service officials. After spotting her abandoned car in the Diamond Fork area of Spanish Fork Canyon, they declared her missing. However, as FOX News reports, it turned out that the woman was simply seeking solitude.

According to the Utah County Sheriff’s Office, the woman, whose name has not been revealed, had been living off the land in Diamond Fork for five months. She chose to distance herself as she was in need of an escape.

Last Sunday, May 2, the woman was discovered by a sheriff’s sergeant and drone pilot. They found her tent near the abandoned car the forest service workers spotted earlier.

Sgt. Spencer Cannon explained:

“Her motivation was, in part, for solitude and isolation.”

Since the woman had lost a “considerable amount of weight” and appeared “week,” she was sent to a nearby medical center for a physical and mental health evaluation.

She was released the following day, despite suffering mental health issues.

Although it is unclear whether she will go back to the area where she has been living for the last five months, she was given food and “new items of equipment” that should help her survive the wilderness, as Cannon claimed.

The sergeant also said the woman was “very intelligent” and “has held highly respected jobs.” He continued:

“While many of us would consider her way of living to be unsafe or unhealthy, she was quite resourceful. But, as I mentioned, despite her resourcefulness, she had allowed her condition to deteriorate significantly.”

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