Millionaires attempt to evict homeless man living in a cave because he ‘spoils their view’

New Zealand millionaires have tried to evict a homeless man living in a cave near their lavish homes for spoiling their beach view.

Awhi, 64, a Māori man who found shelter in the cave last year, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, was recently at risk of being evicted. Apparently, the wealthy homeowners, living in luxurious residences near the Mt Drury Reserve cave in Mt Maunganui, didn’t enjoy seeing him settling down so close by, as Unilad reports.


The millionaires in the area claimed Awhi’s camp is spoiling their waterfront views of the famed beach. Speaking to Stuff.NZ, the father-of-five said:

“They are all millionaires along here. They would rather get me out of here. They had a meeting of the residents about me being here. They had a thing with the Tauranga MP, he got on to the council.”

According to the outlet, Tauranga MP Simon Bridges confirmed some residents living near the cave approached him a few months ago, concerned about anti-social behavior. He explained:

“It is not so much [Awhi], they tell me, but it is more the mates and hangers-on that come along – drinking, parties, noise … graffiti, breaking into nearby building sites – even fires.”

Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Despite all the difficulties Awhi is going through, he believes he has nothing to “complain” about. 

The 64-year-old homeless man said:

It was the only place I could find shelter, in the rock. It might seem pretty grim but to me it is just a shelter, somewhere to stay warm.

There are a lot of other people in the world today that are worse off than I am. Who am I to complain?”


As per Simone Cuers, manager of The People’s Project in Tauranga, the “critical” lack of affordable ho8using in the area is placing additional pressure on residents. Cuers stated:

“Many people … placed in temporary accommodation during the 2020 lockdown are still living in those temporary options. We are looking forward to seeing a more affordable and appropriate housing supply coming on board … so we can house everyone in permanent housing.”

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