Mexico City workers find giant rat prop while cleaning drains following heavy rainfalls

A giant rat was found in Mexico City while workers were cleaning the drainage system.

September 2020 got us like: “Welcome to level 9 of Jumanji.”

After Mexico City was struck by severe storms and heavy floods, workers had to clean around 22 tonnes of garbage from the drains. While doing their job, they discovered a horrifying human-sized rat, VT reveals.

The terrified workers were glad to find out the massive rodent was just a long-lost Halloween prop.

As per the Border Report, the rat was a hollow mascot. However, that revelation didn’t stop people from taking pictures of the chilling discovery. It turned out that the giant rat was being stored in a warehouse when it was suddenly washed away during storms several years ago. The prop was somehow lost in the labyrinth of drains under Mexico City.

El Tiempo reported that the Halloween mascot was found by workers near the Magdalena River on September 18.

This comes after the Mexican capital was hit by harsh storms. The blockage of the city’s drainage system in floods of more than two meters in height. A woman tragically lost her life in the floods.

Local authorities set up temporary shelters for families who have been forcefully displaced. Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum said this rainfall was the most intense the city had suffered through in the last 20 years.

The humongous rat’s owner was identified by Wave 3 News as Evelin López. She claimed that since she lost the rodent several years ago, no one ever helped her get it back. The woman also said the unusual finding was initially used as a Halloween prop, but she has no idea what to do with it now that it has been found.

Luckily, Halloween season starts in a week, so she might have some spooky ideas.

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