Men spend seven hours per year hiding in the bathroom for peace and quiet

According to a study, one-third of British men admit to hiding in the bathrooms to get some privacy.

Researchers who questioned 1000 men found they spend an average amount of seven hours per year locked in the bathroom just for brief moments of peace and quiet.

Additionally, they also escape to the bathroom when their significant other is ‘nagging’ them – or to avoid the children.

Chore escape and the opportunity to spend time on their mobile phone unbothered are also key reasons for this.

Commissioned by bathroom manufacturers, Pebble Grey, the study also discovered that one in 10 visits to the bathroom are interrupted on average – that totals 171 over the course of a typical year.

A spokesman had this to say:

“We all need a little bit of time to ourselves – to take stock or switch off completely.

And the bathroom appears to be the go-to place for those moments – it’s very much a sanctuary, somewhere we can cut ourselves off from the outside world, albeit just temporarily.

As the results suggest, peace and quiet is sacred and clearly men take the opportunity to get this where they can – often in the bathroom.”

The study also found those polled are likely to be disturbed by their other halves – even though kids are not far behind.

45% revealed that getting any privacy time is a real struggle – and about a quarter said their partner doesn’t understand just how hectic and busy their life is.

Furthermore, 25% of men said if they did not escape to the bathroom every once in a while they wouldn’t know how to cope.

For one-third of them, time in the toilet is the only time they can get for themselves.

23% describe their bathroom as their little safe-haven, while 14% revealed that they even hide items such as reading materials and food for those special privacy sessions.

Despite their place of tranquility, 44% of men admit their partner still tends to clean the bathroom area more often than them.

An additional 1000 women also took the survey and 72% agreed they are the ones who tend to keep it neat and tidy.

But the bathroom isn’t just an escape for men – more than one-fifth of women described it as a place they visit in order to escape people and get some much-needed peace.

So maybe it isn’t a surprise that one in ten homes have even introduced the ‘do not disturb’ rule when the bathroom is in use (although 85% of the people who have introduced this rule get interrupted regardless of it).

The Pebble Grey spokesman continued:

“Apparently some things aren’t sacred anymore – including being left alone to use the loo.

So it’s no wonder so many households have introduced rules to prevent disturbances.

Sadly though it seems few people adhere to this rule or respect the hallowed ground that is the bathroom.”

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