Men Show Their Love Through Actions, Not Words

Seeing a man talking about his feelings is like witnessing a storm in the Sahara desert—pretty rare and almost impossible scene, even if you’ve prayed to the storm Gods for days.

However, we are not so emotionally disabled (as some female psychologists claim in their books), and instead of using words, we use actions to show our love and affection.

Here are 7 ways men secretly show their love and washing the dishes is only one of them. (I personally do it every day).

1. Seeking advice/asking for an opinion

Besides expressing our feelings verbally, asking for advice/opinion is also a rare and a difficult thing for us. Sometimes it could be due to our ego, other times due to our insecurity, but if your man asks you for advice—you really, really matter to him. A lot.

2. Compromising

Remember that time when you wanted to go to an Italian restaurant, while he preferred the Chinese, and in the end, you went to pizza-and-pasta place? That was because your man compromised, only because he loves you and wants to make you happy.

3. He brings you flowers, gifts and… food

You’ve heard that cats bring dead animals to their owners to show them that they loved them? Men are totally the same! We would bring anything on our way—daffodils, chocolates, vegan smoothies, books, even medicines—only to show our women that we love them, without saying a single word.

4. Doing housework

If you go back home after a long day at the office and find out that he has done the laundry, washed the dishes and cleaned the bathroom, just give him a kiss. He did it because he loves you and wanted you to have more time together.

Cooking dinner is also something that most men do to express their love.

5. Showing physical affection

As you might already know and as every psychology and human evolution book says, men are physical beings. This means that we are attracted by the physical, we are motivated by the physical, and we express ourselves through the physical. Even if it a kiss on the cheek for goodbye and holding our partner’s hand.

6. Writing notes/Sending messages

Some people might find it old school, but for others, this is a romantic way to express your love. So don’t be surprised if you find an “i-love-you” note in your handbag or if you receive a love message from your guy.

7. He supports you

When was the last time when you started something new or you were going through some tough time in life? If your partner was 100% supporting you and was next to you at any given point, then he really loves you from the bottom of his heart. You must know that.

Author BIO:

Dinko Dinev: Digital marketer by day, suspense writer by night. I’m passionate about personal development, unexplained mysteries and becoming famous.

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