Meet The World’s Dirtiest Man: He Hasn’t Bathed In 67 Years

You know that feeling when the water flow in your house is cut off for reasons of maintenance? How long can you normally take it without going insane because you’re in desperate need of a shower? Now imagine feeling this way for more than half a century…

Because that is precisely the case with 87-year-old Amou Haji from Dejgah village in Iran, who hasn’t had a shower for 67 years.

His appearance also reminds us of a Biblical Moses who fell down a chimney.

He is completely covered in dirt and ash and has not taken a bath in almost 7 decades because he is extremely scared of water. He believes that if he takes a shower he will become ill.

Image: Zmescience

But there’s even more… Amou’s diet consists of rotten meat from animal corpses, especially porcupines.

He also likes smoking animal feces out of a rusty pipe.

According to Tehran Times, the man chose to isolate himself after he went through some hard times while he was still young.

Image: Republic News Agency

Amou wears a war helmet not to fight enemy soldiers but to keep himself warm in the wintertime. 

He chooses strange places to live in, such as a hole in the ground that looks like a grave, or an open brick shack made by people who felt sorry for him.

Image: Grunge

Surprisingly, he drinks 5 liters of water daily from a large rusty tin can and gives himself haircuts by burning his hair over a fire.

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