Meet The ‘Luckiest Unluckiest Man Alive’ Who Escaped Death Multiple Times

Get ready to meet Frane Selak from Croatia, an actual serial death cheater and possibly one of the luckiest people alive. 

At the age of 92, Frane has managed to escape so many potentially fatal situations that he has been labeled as the world’s “luckiest unluckiest man alive.”

Frane was born in the distant 1929, and by the time he got to his 30s, he was living a completely normal life, unaware of what was about to follow. In 1962, Frane was traveling on a train that derailed and crashed in a river, claiming the lives of 17 passengers. Thankfully, he was pulled out alive from the wreckage, but that was just the beginning.

In a recent video, TikToker Olivia Snake explains that in the past six decades Frane came close to losing his life more than 10 times, surviving car crashes, bus crashes and place emergencies, including one instance where he emerged alive as his car drove off a cliff, managing to hang onto a tree branch.

Image: Imgur

In 2002, Frane’s “luckiest man alive” side kicked as he won more than $1 million from the lottery just two days after his birthday. 

The incredible story of his life was met with all kinds of reactions from people on the social media platform, some unable to agree on whether he was lucky or unlucky.

One person wrote:

“Someone was trying to take him out.”

Another commented:

“His guardian angel works overtime.”


Not the person to go on a trip with #luck #storytime #OneSliceChallenge

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No matter what’s behind these miracles, Frane is now living his retirement happily and joyfully, after spending most of his lottery money on a wild lifestyle.

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