Medical Workers Applaud Those Who Choose To Stay Home (VIDEO)

On Monday at 9 pm, medical workers at the ‘Pirogov’ hospital in Sofia, Bulgaria expressed their gratitude by applauding those who stay home during the coronavirus lockdown and thus show their solidarity to the people on the frontlines of the pandemic.

“Be responsible and show solidarity by choosing to stay home,” the medics urged.

Doctors and nurses at the hospital for infectious diseases, VMA, did the same and posted a Facebook message saying:

“Thank you all! Together we will make it!” 

Лекари от Пирогов, както и от много други болници, които се борят с коварния вирус, ръкопляскаха на всички българи, които стриктно спазват карантината! Те призоваха всички да останем вкъщи, за да се ограничи разпространението на заразата! Преклон пред всички на първа линия! Споделете призива им! #останетевкъщи УМБАЛСМ "Н. И. Пирогов"

Posted by Приключения с Живко Константинов / Adventures with Jivko Konstantinov on Sunday, April 12, 2020

Medical workers at the ‘Pirogov’ hospital in Sofia applauding those who choose to stay home during the lockdown

Medical workers from hospitals in the seaside city of Burgas also applauded local citizens and expressed their gratitude to all the people who make their work easier by sticking to the quarantine guidelines.

Fifteen hospitals in total joined the cause from cities including Sofia, Burgas, Varna, Haskovo, Pazardzhik, and Pleven.

Due to the exceptionally warm and tempting weather on Monday, however, many people gathered in crowds at some places in the country, which naturally caused the government to worry. The situation and also what measures need to be taken next were the two main topics discussed by experts later in the day.

Many hospital workers remain worried about what is to come. They warned that if guidelines are not followed properly, the upcoming days might reach critical levels.

В знак на благодарност тази вечер в 21ч. дежурните медици в УМБАЛ "Александровска" излезнаха да аплодират всички хора, които проявяват отговорност и солидарност към усилията им като си остават вкъщи.#останете си вкъщи#отговорни заедно

Posted by УМБАЛ "Александровска" on Sunday, April 12, 2020

Medical workers at the ‘Aleksandrovska’ hospital in Sofia applauding those who choose to stay home during the lockdown

“It feels like people walking in the streets in great numbers want to push some divine role on us by forcing us to choose who is to live and who is to die. We ‘thank’ them for this thorny crown, but we don’t want it. You applaud our efforts every day and this is why if you choose to stay home we will applaud you too, at 9 pm. Please do so. Let us not turn our hospitals into morgues,” said Kostadin Angelov, the head of Aleksandrovska hospital in Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia.

Currently, there are 675 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Bulgaria. 29 people have died, and 68 have recovered. April 12 statistics show that 377 of those infected are men, and 298 are women.

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