Mechanic takes customer’s Porsche for a spin – then gets kidnapped by thieves

A Brazilian mechanic who drove his girlfriend around in a customer’s Porsche was kidnapped by criminals who thought he was the rightful owner of the car. 

CCTV in the area recorded the moment a couple of gun-wielding men ran towards the Porsche and forced the mechanic and his girl out of the car.

Francisco Rogerio Leandro Ramos, a professional mechanic, can be seen turning right off of a main road on October 24 when he was left with no choice but to slow down as another car in front was blocking his path.

The two armed men approached the vehicle, ran towards Ramos, and forced him and his girlfriend out of the Porsche.

Assuming the mechanic was a rich Porsche owner, one of the men pushed him into one of the back seats and drove off with his partner in crime.

According to reports, an unspecified businessman from the city of Nova Iguacu in Rio de Janeiro had left his Porsche Cayenne worth more than $90,000 at the garage to get his broken sound system repaired.

And while the vehicle was at his workplace, Ramos just thought it would be a great idea to impress his girlfriend by driving her around the neighborhood in a fancy car that wasn’t even his own.

After the abduction, Ramos was forced to take out cash from a cash machine.

Funnily enough, his account was empty and his captors eventually realized that he was of no use to them as he was broke and didn’t even own the car.

Later on, the men drove to a nearby city where they left the Porsche untouched and let the mechanic go.

It wasn’t made clear whether authorities are investigating the situation or if the mechanic will lose his job as a consequence of his actions.

Check out the CCTV footage by clicking below.

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