True awakenings are not silent and elegant. They are raw, painful, and ugly

We have all watched a movie or read a book where the main character magically changes the course of their life. In only a day or two, they drastically transform their whole personality. From that moment on, everything else seems so perfectly arranged and almost too good to be true. Maybe because it actually isn’t.

In reality, it is indeed possible to change your life but it doesn’t happen in a day. Neither it happens as easy as it seems. It takes much more effort and pain to truly awaken your soul. In order to enlighten your mind and start living the life you are supposed to, sometimes you have to go through hell.

Awakenings are not glamorous.

They are not magical and they definitely don’t happen for a day. When you experience a true awakening, you are going to suffer. It’s going to be painful and even brutal at times. If you really want to heal, you must go through all of your troubles first. And it’s not going to be pretty. You may even lose some friends on the way. What is more, your heart will be torn into pieces. It will take a lot of courage to find the strength to put them all back together.

However, true awakening is the time when you are able to see the things in life that are genuinely good for you.

At such times you can take a step back and observe what’s going on around you. You can reveal the masks of all the toxic people that stand in your way. Besides, you can also readjust your own life goals. What makes you happy? Who do you want to be? You will have the answers to all of your questions about your self-growth.

“The awakening of consciousness is the next evolutionary step for mankind.” – Eckhart Tolle, spiritual coach

The ugly truth is that awakenings are tough.

They are messed up and chaotic. But this personal chaos will eventually bring you peace. Moreover, awakenings can be truly powerful. They can elevate you from the person you are right now, to the person you crave to be. When you decide to go on the journey to your true self, you will realize that no one else controls your life. You are the only one who is responsible for all the things that happen to you. If you are determined to go through this transformation, to genuinely enlighten your mind and soul, no one can stop you.

All things considered, what you need to understand is that the power is within you. All you have to do is to give up everything that’s stopping you from being yourself. You have all the bravery you need to undergo all these changes. Yes, the road will be rough and troublesome. Even so, you will take your life back in your hands and you will fix all that was once broken. You are the main character of your own story, so make sure you give your best while writing it.

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