10 massive relationship dealbreakers

Not everyone is the same.

A dealbreaker for you might be something completely normal for others when it comes to relationships.

However, all of them should be built on mutual understanding and love. It’s just not fair when you are willing to give everything you have to somebody, while they simply don’t care about you. There’s no point in being in a relationship with such an ignorant person.

Here’s a list of the 10 massive relationship dealbreakers.

In case you relate to some of them, consider sharing it with your partner and talking things through.

1. You stopped putting effort in making things work

If your partner isn’t interested in keeping your relationship healthy and wholesome, while you’re giving your soul to it, this could be a huge dealbreaker. Relationships should be based on mutual understanding and collaboration. It’s just not worth putting effort into someone, who wouldn’t do the same for you. You should spend your life with a person who is as giving and affectionate as you are.

2. Money has become an issue

Lately, you feel like finances are really getting between you and your partner. Sometimes these issues can go so intense they could ruin your relationship. If one or both of you are irresponsible with handling money, or it somehow becomes the top priority in your relationship, you should definitely be concerned.

3. You can’t talk about your problems openly

Propper communication is a must in every relationship. If that’s missing, you wouldn’t be able to bond and establish a decent connection between each other. You need to feel comfortable with opening up and sharing your thoughts with your partner. Lack of communication is certainly a massive dealbreaker.

4. You’re constantly picking up unnecessary fights

You’re fighting all the damn time. Not only about really important issues, but also for every little thing that passes through your minds. This is one of the most unhealthy things you can do to your relationship. Besides, unnecessary conflicts are extremely harmful for your mental health.

5. You’re stuck in the past

Maybe you can’t get over your ex, or you’re having trouble forgetting something that happened way back in the past. Holding grudges or hiding feelings can really harm you and your relationship. It’s definitely one of the most common dealbreakers. You need to live in the present and cherish every little moment you have with your significant other. Otherwise, you might lose a good thing for something that’s long gone.

6. You don’t appreciate each other enough

Loving someone means you appreciate them for who they are, and for being a part of your life. If you take your partner for granted, or they constantly ignore you, you might be wasting your time being together. Both of you deserve someone who will always be there for you and make you feel like you’re the brightest star in their sky.

7. Trust is off the table

Trust is something that is built with lots of time and patience. Once it’s broken it could be extremely hard to be restored. When trust is off the table, the relationship you once had can never be the same anymore. The solution is either trying to figure out a way to rebuild it, or just move on your separate paths. Love is senseless without honesty and trust.

8. You’re not on the same page anymore

It was all fun and games in the beginning. You were talking about the future like it’s far far away from you, and it all seemed like a dream. But lately, you feel like your plans don’t align anymore. Once you had it all figured out, but now you simply want different things. That’s a dealbreaker a lot of couples have to put up with.

On the one hand, if you love someone, let them go fulfill their goals. But on the other, if you let them go, you wouldn’t be together anymore, and it’s just heartbreaking. But after all, you can’t stop anyone from following their dreams. If you love them, you have to be there for them no matter what it might take. And if you’re not willing to support them, you never really loved them.

9. You can’t be yourself

Being in a relationship with someone means that you feel comfortable and safe around them. Nowadays, we ought to put many masks throughout the day. Your partner should be the one who lets you put down the mask and be yourself. If you don’t feel like you can fully be your natural, authentic self with your loved one, maybe they aren’t right for you. You deserve to be appreciated for your true self.

10. You’re being mentally or physically abused

In case you’re dating someone who is acting abusive towards you, you should immediately get out of this relationship. This is not something that can be tolerated under any circumstances. Once you notice such toxic behavioral pattern in your partner, run away and never look back. Nobody deserves to be mistreated and disrespected. Especially from their so-called significant other.

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