Massive lines at President Trump’s rally in key state North Carolina

Trump supporters lined up hours in advance for his rally in Hickory, North Carolina.

The lines are at least half a mile long, local media reported.

The massive rally comes just a couple of days before the nation heads to the polls to vote in key battle states like N.C.

According to RealClearPolitics’ polling statistics, former Vice President Joe Biden is just barely beating Trump by 0.3 points in North Carolina. The president won the state four years ago with 49.8% in comparison to presidential candidate Hilary Clinton who had 46.2%.

Currently, Republican Senator Thom Tillis is doing everything possible to keep his seat in the Senate while being challenged by Democrat Cal Cunningham, who was recently involved in a sex scandal.

Last week, the United States Supreme Court declined to take up a challenge to N.C’s decision to permit absentee ballots admitted and counted as late as 9 days after the nation heads to the polls on election day.

The president held five rallies in five states on Sunday in his last pitch to people in the key states of Michigan, Iowa, Florida, North Carolina, and Georgia. The feat comes after Trump held four rallies in the vitally important state of Pennsylvania last Saturday and with hopes by his campaign for seven more rallies on Monday.

To see the full N.C. rally, please click below.

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