Manipulators will never admit they may be wrong

Even if you receive an apology from a deceitful manipulator, be sure it will be a fake one. 

The only instance you’ll see an apology from a manipulator is when they need to get something out of you and want to trick you into believing they have earned your forgiveness.

Deceitful people will never admit to any wrongdoings and mistakes. They may say ‘”Sorry” but they will never take true responsibility for their actions.

Rather, what they’ll usually do is try to transfer the blame onto another person. They will try to make you believe that someone else is responsible for their mistakes. They will act as if they’re incapable of making such foolish mistakes or treating others badly.

Manipulators always have hundreds of excuses ready to be used to blame their friends, parents, ex-partners, colleagues, or you.

These excuses will be intended to justify their foul actions and make all those around them think they’re innocent, kind-hearted angels.

And if they try to make an apology for the pain they caused you, they’ll try to make you believe that if only you had not been so jealous or needy, or if you did not upset them so much that night, they would’ve never crossed that line.

And if you ever try to call them out on their horrific behavior, be ready for an attack.

Because they won’t miss bringing up all the good things they ever did for you. They will also start listing all your faults, fears and insecurities. And they won’t forget to remind you that you aren’t a saint either and therefore you do not have the right to blame them for anything.

Deceitful people will never admit to any wrongdoing. They’ll never stop to think and reflect on their own actions. They’ll never understand that they are the ones that need to change their ways. Because they are not mature enough for that.

And no matter how hard you try to win an argument with them, the reality is that you’ll never come out on top.

Because they will do whatever it takes to prove they aren’t to blame. They’ll try any dirty trick at their disposal to twist the truth.

You can shout at them, curse, them, or shower them with facts – but none of this will make a difference. Because they’re experts at reality distortion. They are masters at giving new meanings to words. They’re professionals at making other people doubt their own sense of logic and reality.

So, your best option for dealing with a manipulator is to totally ignore them, or better yet, walk out the door, since they’ll never be on the same page as you.

You will never persuade them to take responsibility for their own actions.

Because your opinion means nothing to them.

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