Man who spent 100 days locked in a room on a livestream says he’ll do it for 5 years for $5 million

A man in LA has spent 100 consecutive days livestreaming non-stop from his locked room, and he intends to stream even longer if he can get enough money from his fans.

Tim C. Inzana, 34, has been staying in a shed since the beginning of 2021, and he does not plan to come out in the near future. He now hopes to spend at least one year in this isolated state, and then sell his livestream in a custom frame as a special work of art. Currently, he streams on Twitch free of charge but intends to find enough donors to raise $5 million and keep himself in his room for a shocking period of 5 years. He has also offered to stay in isolation for 10 years in a row if he can get $10 million for it.

Image: Twitch

Inzana told the Insider.

“The artwork is me creating the artwork, it would be like seeing a blank space transform into this colorful space.

I don’t know exactly what I’m doing, to be honest. There’s elements of me just following hunches and wanting to make the world a better place.”

Image: Twitch

A normal day of this artist goes as follows…

Sitting in front of his computer doing Q&A sessions with his followers, having a solo dance party virtually DJed by one of his viewers, eating, meditating, or working on different works of art. And during the night, you can watch him sleep…

Inzana says he has spent months just getting the shed ready to accommodate him for a long period of time, and also talked to his loved ones before starting the unusual challenge. He has even convinced his fiancée to buy and bringing him groceries through the window.

Should he not be able to find enough people to raise the millions, Inzana has a plan B:

if he gets 7000 Twitch subscribers, he is willing to keep the stream publicly available for up to 5 years, as long as his subscriber count does not go under 7000.

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