Man wears 15 shirts on a flight to avoid paying the extra baggage fee (Video)

Scotsman John Irvine from Glasgow was boarding a flight from Nice, France with his family last Friday when he was informed he had excess check-in baggage.

But instead of paying, he decided to open his bad to put on every shirt he could fit onto his body.

Fortunately, his amused son, Josh, 17, recorded the incident on video and shared it with the world.

In an interview for the Mirror Josh said “We spent too much on our holiday anyway so he didn’t want to spend anymore,”

46-year-old John had come to the airport wearing just a t-shirt but was soon wearing 15 shirts and sweaters for the flight back to Scotland.

Josh said his father had gone shopping on their trip and this lead to their excess weight.

“Suitcase is too heavy so ma da’s just putting all the clothes on,” Josh said in the first video.“About 13 t-shirts down the line,” he added, noting that his father was “absolutely b****y roasting.”

Part of Josh’s clothes were in his father’s case but he was too amused by the show to offer putting some layers on himself.

“I was too busy recording him.”

The family then went towards the security checkpoint, but John’s strange appearance caught the eye of some airport guards.

“They told him to take off some tops, and he kept taking them off because they were wondering what he was hiding,” said Josh.

After making sure John wasn’t a threat, he made his way to the gate and got onto the plane, along with all the shirts. When the video went viral online, Josh decided to show it to his dad, who was a bit surprised at first.

“I showed him and he was a bit mortified to begin with but he saw the funny side, eventually,” Josh told the Mirror. “He laughed it off.”

Check out Josh’s video below:

As airlines are raising prices for excess weight, customers are increasingly turning to extreme measures to avoid costs. Earlier this year, a woman wore nearly 9 pounds of clothes in order to avoid paying $84 on a Thomas Cook flight from the United Kingdom to the Canary Islands.

“I put on four dresses, two pairs of shorts, I tied a dress around my neck, put a skirt on, I shoved two dresses down the dresses I had on, and two pairs of shoes as well, and a cardigan,” said Natalie Wynn.

In 2018, a young man flying from Iceland to the UK was denied boarding a British Airways flight for attempting to wear eight pairs of pants and ten shirts to avoid paying a $125 excess baggage weight fee.

“They’re really having me dress like this to go on, and they won’t even let me go on,” Ryan Carney Williams (the passanger), tweeted.

Security was later called by the airline and Williams was reportedly arrested as he refused to leave.

“We give our customers a wide range of fares to choose from to meet their needs,” a British Airways spokesperson told The Washington Post. “We explained our policy to our customer, and offered him an alternative flight to London.”

What are your thoughts on the excess baggage prices and the people who protest them by doing such hilarious stunts? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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