Man Shares Horrific Story Of Waking Up From Anesthesia During Lung Surgery

A man shared his horrifying experience of when he awakened during a lung operation. 

Reddit user Doge Ram said that he ‘had about a 75% collapse and was more or less in a life-threatening situation, so the doctors had to treat me relatively quickly’.

After that, he was put in an emergency room instead of an operating room and given ketamine – which he explained he does not like at all.

Then, he got to the worst part of the story…

The messy operation was supposed to take only 10 minutes but instead took 45, and that’s when the patient woke up.

He wrote the following:

“So basically, I wake up and shoot my head up, look down, and see these surgical plier clamps wedging the side of my ribcage open and the surgeon to my right wearing bloody ass gloves. The surgeon to my right, the assisting doctor to my left, and about 5 other people (nurses and maybe radiologists) watching my procedure go down.

The surgeon stops for a second, turns towards everyone and says: ‘we didn’t give him enough ketamine’. I particularly recall this student nurse at the foot of my bed looking like she just saw a ghost. To be fair I probably looked possessed.”

When it got to the point that the man asked how much longer the surgery would take, he was told that it was ‘almost done’. But apparently, that was untrue, and he felt the doctor ‘cutting away the muscle, and the pleura to expose the chest cavity’.

Eventually, the poor man lost consciousness and woke up again two times before the nightmare came to an end. 

“I am someone who — while under sedation — woke up during surgery. Ask me anything,” he wrote on Reddit.

The man said that he is still hasn’t recovered from the ordeal.

But even after all he was put through, he said he will not take legal action against the hospital, because it would take too long and will not help him forget the hellish experience.

Here’s some of what people in the comments had to say about Doge_Ram’s post:

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