Man Sets Up Cameras To Catch Wife Sleepwalking In The Strangest Way

A man decided to install CCTV in his home to record his wife sleepwalking in the strangest way as she is seen to be laughing hysterically while walking around during the night.

The woman went viral on TikTok after her husband set up night-vision devices around the house to capture her sleepwalking craziness.

Celina Myers, who has her own makeup line and is an author, left her viewers laughing out loud after they saw her walk around the house laughing and grunting like a maniac.

In the video, the sleepwalker can be seen taking drinks out of the fridge and laughing to herself, after which she takes the drinks out to the snow-covered lawn.

TikTok @celinaspookyboo

She then just throws the drinks across the lawn, while talking to herself and laughing.

As she walks back inside, Celina appears to say:

“It’s like a moose knuckle.”

Celina then goes back to the fridge for another round of drinks, which she once again throws out on the front lawn.

In the midst of her sleepwalking party, a man walks past the house and sees Celina laughing. Weirded out, the man can be seen looking at her for a while.

In the caption, Celina wrote:

“I remember dreaming about a pool party.”

Her husband, Adam constantly rescues her and puts her back to bed safely while she sleepwalks, and to make things a little more secure he has set up the night-vision CCTV.

Here are some more of her shenanigans…

TikTok @celinaspookyboo

The video has been seen nearly 40 million times since Celina first put it up online.

One person asked:

“Why do you move like a toddler and why do I love it?”

Another said:

“You got more energy when you’re asleep than most people do when they are awake.”

And some more…

TikTok @celinaspookyboo

Other people expressed their worries and said how sorry they felt for Adam. 

One commenter pleaded:

“Oh please let that man see this video.

“I guarantee he needs closure otherwise he’s still sitting at home wondering what the hell was going on.”

Another wrote:

“Imagine seeing someone laughing and throwing soda at the lawn while you’re walking at night.”

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