Man secretly ‘proposes’ to his girlfriend for a month and she didn’t notice

Nowadays you have to get really creative if you want to surprise your special someone with a proposal. With so many glamorous marriage proposals going viral, it’s not easy to stand out from the crowd. Well, this guy did it!

Edi Okoro from Herefordshire, UK, secretly proposed to his girlfriend almost every day for a month.

He had already bought a diamond ring for girlfriend Cally Read earlier this year. However, he didn’t want to hurry, and he decided to leave the moment up to faith. What he did was carrying the ring with him wherever they went and waited for the right timing.

“I took the ring with me everywhere hoping the ‘moment’ would arise in line with my spontaneous style.”

After some time passed, Edi started to take pictures of the ring while Cally was sleeping or looking away.

His idea was to take as many photos in more cheeky scenarios until he finds the perfect moment or until he gets caught.

The creative groom-to-be posted a series of photos he took on his Facebook account. He titled the album ‘How I proposed to Cally‘ and the photos show Okoro holding the ring right behind her at a store checkout counter, or hiding it in her jewelry dish. Once, he even put the ring in Cally’s hand while she was sleeping.

I can finally put this out there 😂 … So this was how I proposed to Cally, the other story! 😅Those who have gone…

Posted by Edi Okoro on Monday, August 26, 2019

On Aug. 31, Edi posted a photo and confirmed that now they are officially engaged. He didn’t share how he ended up proposing. He said it’s a story for another time. Surprisingly, he never got caught, and his now-fiancée didn’t learn about his game until ‘several weeks later.’

So we did end up getting engaged, and no I didn’t get caught 😉…..but how I did it is a story for another time 🤣 stay…

Posted by Edi Okoro on Saturday, August 31, 2019

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