Man reunites with dog missing for 2 years after seeing him on TV, couldn’t mistake that infamous underbite

“It’s a miracle!” A man and his beloved pup reunited after being apart for two years.

Credits: Fox 6

Dwight Gary, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, lost his dog two years ago. The cocker spaniel chihuahua mix named Payday went missing after nearby fireworks scared him away.

Last month, as Dwight was watching TV, he spotted Payday’s infamous underbite during an Adopt-A-Pet segment, Fox 6 reports. It started with the words: “Meet Mason…”

However, as the Good News Network notes, Dwight was absolutely sure “that’s not Mason, that’s most definitely Payday!”

Credits: Fox 6

The Milwaukee man immediately contacted the TV station and the Wisconsin Humane Society to tell them the pupper was actually his beloved four-legged buddy Payday, who went missing back in 2019.

After comparing pictures, they were convinced Dwight was, in fact, telling the truth, and helped them finally reunite. The happy dog owner commented:

“It’s crazy, it’s a miracle! He was meant to be back with me.”

Credits: Fox 6

The moment Payday saw his real family for the first time after his disappearance was incredibly emotional, as he instantly recognized them, proving that even time is not powerful enough to break the bond between a man and his dog.

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