Man Napping In River Mistaken For Floating Dead Body

Tulsa, Oklahoma: Police responded to reports of a body floating in the river, which just turned out to be a man relaxing.

Both Tulsa Police and EMSA responded near 71st and Riverside after reports of a floating dead body in the river. The crews arrived at the scene via rescue boat only to find the man alive and just lying in the water, even telling the teams he was just having a nap.

Officials are now asking residents in Tulsa to not follow the man’s example, saying:

“TFD, @TulsaPolice & @EMSAOK responded to reports of “a body in the river.” We launched a boat and discovered that the man was just laying in the water. The river is low, but still potentially dangerous in areas. Please stay safe and find alternate ways to stay cool!”

And people on social media responded accordingly…

One person wrote:

“Y’all infringing on his floating freedom. Sad.”

Another commented:

“I believe that @tulsafire has UAS (drone) capability, and if so, this is a situation where rapid deployment could evaluate the individual, and avoid sending three personnel into the water. During flight a rescue/recovery team can prepare to launch if necessary.”

A third wrote:

“What’s wrong with laying in the river? There’s nothing unusually dangerous about this. Yes, we all know rivers have currents.”

And yet another added:

“Let that man relax. Jesus.”

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