Man Left With HALF A House After a Huge Mix-Up With Builders

“Where is my house?” – Miscommunication left a man with half a house.

  • Bishnu Aryal purchased a free-standing house in Sydney for $700,000 but got only half of a duplex. 
  • The bizarre situation occurred after a serious mistake in the communication between Mr. Aryal and the building company.
  • According to the developers, Mr. Aryal was aware of the changes in the plans for his new home. 
Credits: A Current Affair

After spending a whopping $700,000AUD for the house of his dreams, Bishnu Aryal was shocked to find out the builder made a massive mistake. Or was it the builder?

The Nepal-born man saw his dream turn into a nightmare before his eyes. As LADbile reveals, after a miscommunication, the developer Zac Homes built only half of the Sydney property Mr. Aryal purchased.

In an interview with Nine News, the outraged man said:

“I called the supervisor and asked him what’s going on, why is the house like this? And he said, ‘It’s a duplex, semi duplex,’ and I nearly fainted that day.
Where’s my house? I want the rest of my house.
It’s not a free-standing house, it’s not a duplex, it’s half a house. And it looks embarrassing.”

Instead of a free-standing home, the builders had constructed half a duplex. 

Credits: A Current Affair

Reportedly, the original agreement between Mr. Aryal and the construction company was for a free-standing house in Edmondson Park. Three years after the father-of-two paid for his family’s dream home, he decided to check the progress. But to his horror, the developers had built a duplex on half the plot with a huge windowless grey exterior wall instead of the house he had purchased.

Mr. Aryal explained:

“They were promising us the house will be ready in one year time, but we wait for three long years. When we come to see the progress of the building, we see our building was different to what we were expecting.”

So, what actually happened? 

Indeed, the initial contract was for a free-standing house. However, between the time the deal was made in 2016 and work began, plans have drastically changed.

Credits: A Current Affair

According to Zac Homes, Mr. Aryal had the chance to withdraw the agreement following the changes. Eventually, the build’s cost came in at $322,400, plus a separate land purchase for $398,950. The developers claim that Liverpool Council demanded the property be an attached dwelling.

Although they did send the new conditions to Mr. Aryal, he failed to read them and directly forwarded them to his bank. The disappointed man said:

“When bank asked, I called them and said can you please send the plan and I forward the plan to the bank. I didn’t look.”

On top of that, Mr. Aryal still doesn’t have an occupation certificate.

Therefore, he is still unable to live in his new house yet. Despite nearly a year-long effort from Zac Homes, the Liverpool Council and the certifier first want to be sure that the rest of the home will be completed.

Commenting on the story, property expert Michael Pallier noted:

“Buying and building a home is possibly the biggest decision, financial decision, anyone can make. I would recommend people have a good solicitor to check the documentation before they sign. And go and watch the house get built and make sure any changes that are made – you’re aware of them.”

Credits: A Current Affair

Mr. Aryal added:

“I want to raise awareness so other people don’t get into my situation.”

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