Man Left In Awe After Seeing Ship Floating In The Sky

A man didn’t know what hit him after looked up and saw a ship seemingly afloat in the sky. 

23-year-old Colin McCallum saw the fairytale-like red ship in the sky on Friday, February 26, off the Aberdeenshire coast as he was passing through Banff in Scotland.

He recorded what could only have been an optical illusion and shared it on the web accompanied by pictures. In the footage, the ship can be seen ‘floating’ in the sky, although its bottom half seems to be missing.

He captioned one of his photos:

“Saw a real life optical illusion in Banff today.”

People on the internet shared their confused thoughts regarding the magical ship and talked about how it truly seemed to float in the sky.

One person said:

“I genuinely can’t understand what is going on here.”

Another commenter simply called it “brilliant.”

Regarding the experience, Colin said:

“When I first saw the boat, I had to do a double take because I genuinely thought it was floating. Upon further inspection, however, I noticed that it was in fact just a remarkable optical illusion.”

Eventually, he put two-and-two together and understood what he was actually seeing.

Colin went on to further explain:

“[The optical illusion] was caused by a cloud formation closer to the shore which changed the colour of the water closer to the land. The boat, being further away, was in a cloudless area and therefore the sky reflected the sea making it look like the boat was floating.”

See Colin’s video of the floating red ship by clicking below.

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