Man asks to hug woman who killed his brother: “I Forgive You.” “I Love You.” “Give Your Life to Christ.”

It is an extremely rare moment in the archives of history: A big-hearted man giving a warm hug to the killer of his own brother in the courtroom where she was just convicted, wishing her all the best. 

That is what played out in a courtroom in Dallas on Wednesday. After receiving her sentence,  Amber Guyver, the former police officer who shot and killed her neighbor after she walked into his apartment thinking it was her own, the victim’s brother had nothing but forgiveness in his heart.

Bothan Jean was murdered while having some ice cream and watching TV in his apartment, after Guyver opened the door to his apartment by mistake, thinking he is an intruder.

However, his younger brother, Brendt, did not wish Guyver ill in the courtroom.

Botham Jean’s brother Brandt embraces convict and former Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyver after she received a 10-year prison sentence last Wednesday. Guyver shot and killed Bothnam Jean one year ago while he was eating ice cream in his apartment. She told police she mistook him for an intruder in her own apartment.  

Furthermore, he wished her nothing but the best and, while trying not to cry, he asked the judge if he could hug the person who killed his brother. 31-year-old Amber Guyver received a sentence of 10 years in prison.

“I don’t know if this is possible,” the 18-year-old man said, “but can I give her a hug, please? Please?”

After a short pause, Judge Tammy Kemp said yes.

You can watch Amber Guyver’s full testimony in the video below.

Ms. Guyver and Brandt Jean hugged for almost a minute. Kemp also gave Guyver a hug before she was escorted out of the courtroom.

“If you truly are sorry, I know… I can speak for myself, I forgive you,” he said before the hug. “And I know if you go to God and ask him, he will forgive you.

“Again, I’m speaking for myself, not even on behalf of my family, but I love you, just like anyone else. I’m not going to say I hope you rot and die just like my brother did, but I, personally, want the best for you.”

Cries could be heard throughout the courtroom while the two were hugging and Kemp could be seen wiping her tears off.

“I wasn’t going to ever say this in front of my family or anyone, but I don’t even want you to go to jail. I want the best for you, because I know that’s exactly what Botham would want you to do. And the best would be, give your life to Christ. I’m going to say anything else.

“I think giving your life to Christ would be the best thing that Botham would want you to do.”

You can see the emotional turn of events taking place in the courtroom in the video below. 

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