Man Chases Ex-Girlfriend And Fatally Shoots Her In Front Of Their 3-Year-Old Daughter, Then Kills Himself

PACOIMA, TEXAS: A man wanted for shooting and killing his ex-girlfriend in front of their 3-year-old daughter took his own life while being chased by police, according to authorities.

46-year-old Herbert Nixon Flores shot himself as cops were approaching him, the Irving Police Department said in a statement. The police were helping in an investigation headed by the FBI’s Fugitive Task Force from LA at the time of the incident.

Authorities had info that the man was visiting family in Irving and that police managed to locate him near Arlington.

“While officers were monitoring the location, Flores was seen getting inside a vehicle and began traveling towards Dallas,” a press release said. “With the assistance of Dallas Police Air Unit and ground units, Flores’s movements were tracked until marked police cars were in the area.”

Image source: LAPD

When Flores understood cops were on his tail, he left his car and went on foot.

“Once Flores saw marked police cars pulling up on him, he killed himself with one self-inflicted gunshot wound from a handgun,” the statement said.

Image source: LAPD

Flores was suspected of killing Karen Ruiz, 35, whose final moments were recorded on CCTV by a security camera.

Officers from the Los Angeles Police Department responded at 9:35 a.m. Wednesday to a call of a shooting at Bartee Avenue, where Ruiz was found fighting for her life with a number of bullet wounds and was later pronounced dead at the scene.

Image source: LAPD

The CCTV video shows the desperate mother running from the madman in front of the house.

Moments later, she is chased down by the shooter, who killed her in front of her toddler.

Authorities say Ruiz drove to Arleta in the morning to leave the child at a babysitter’s home. Flores had followed her.

The video below shows the mother’s final moments before she was fatally shot.


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