Man asks his delivery guys with a sign on his door if Carole Baskin killed her husband

You’ve watched “Tiger King”, haven’t you? You may have even listened to all the 28 songs of Joe Exotic’s album already.

This Netflix original documentary is something you just can’t miss. And the kind people who deliver our packages to our front doors these days have probably also watched all seven episodes of the show too.

In times of quarantine, we can’t just go outside and discuss what we loved and what shocked us about this weird docu-series.

One man, also a fan of the show, decided to step his game up and got creative.

He posted a sign on his door to simulate a conversation with the people he’s coming into near contact with the most: The delivery guys.

The genius man was Tim Scott. He posted a photo of the sign on Twitter, asking his delivery drivers if Carole Baskin was the one who ended her husband’s life.

His quite brash question understandably went viral in no time.

The tweet started a fiery conversation amongst the netizens. They were discussing whether or not Carole, the Big Cat Rescue owner, killed her second husband, who had mysteriously disappeared years before the show was filmed. Two camps formed around the big question. Some people believe Baskin is able to cover up a murder so well, and others share theories about the possibility that her husband just wanted to disappear and went to South Africa. He was a millionaire, after all, anything could be possible.

Whether the answer is yes or no, Tim’s way of communication got so popular, people turned it into a meme. They wrote their own text over the sign, and Tim loved it. He even tweeted his favorite variations of his question.

The new meme format was taken pretty seriously by the people who saw the tweet. One of them even made a blank version so others could easily add their own questions to it. Another one put the same sign on their own door, to see what their delivery guys think actually happened. A FedEx employee took the game to the next level when they even tried to prank the homeowners with their feedback on the subject.

Image credits: Hellogus

Other people followed Tim’s example as well. One person even asked one of the most existential questions the world is still battling with. It is perhaps more thrilling than the Carole Baskin one.

Image credits: Brain Koury

What’s your opinion about this significant question? Is a hot dog a sandwich or not?

Thanks to Tim Scott, we discovered a new way of communication, even though we’re stuck at home for a while.

Hopefully, soon the quarantine will be over, and we’ll be able to discuss Joe Exotic’s style with our delivery guys in person. Until then, we have a new meme format to have some fun with.

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