Man arrested after police find missing horse in his bedroom

A South Carolina man was arrested for stealing a horse after police found the animal in his bedroom. 

Garry Chase Coble Jr., of Oconee County, has been arrested following reports that he was spotted riding a horse and hiding it inside his house. Concerned neighbors contacted the police as soon as they saw him sneaking the animal in. They were convinced the hoofed mammal was stolen because they had no information that Coble owned a horse.

As Unilad reveals, the incident occurred last Monday, August 9.

When the officers arrived at the scene, they made contact with Garry’s father, who had no idea his son was at home. However, once he opened the door for the cops to search the house, they were greeted by horse poo on the living room’s floor.

Shocked by finding out the neighbors were telling the truth, the father demanded his son come out of his bedroom. When police eventually detained Coble, they saw the unbelievable – the horse was actually hidden in his bedroom.

As per News19, one of the attending officers wrote in the police report:

“It was at this time that I observed a full-size quarter horse standing in the middle of the bedroom.”

Credits: Oconee County Sheriff’s Office

Thankfully, the animal, named Jubilee, remained calm during the ordeal and appeared to be unharmed. However, its original owner later noticed a small laceration on its ankle that reportedly wasn’t there before it was stolen.

It is believed Coble stole the horse as its value was estimated at around $6,500.

The thief was charged with larceny of livestock. What’s more, he was also wanted for other charges related to burglary, larceny, trespassing, and at least one case where the suspect was seen throwing a mandolin into a neighbor’s pasture.

According to WSPA, as of August 12, Coble remained in custody at the Oconee County Detention Center.

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