Man allegedly pushes pregnant wife off a cliff after taking selfies to claim her life insurance money

A Turkish man allegedly shoved his pregnant wife off a cliff to cash in on her life insurance.

  • Hakan Aysal, 40, allegedly pushed his pregnant wife off a cliff to take her life insurance money.
  • The woman fell 1,000ft to her death and was killed instantly.
  • Prosecutors claim it was not an “accident,” but a deliberate murder.
Credits: Newsflash

In June 2018, during a holiday in Butterfly Valley in Mugla Turkey, Hakan Aysal, 40, killed his seven-month pregnant wife by pushing her off a cliff. Semra Aysal, Hakan’s spouse, fell 1,000 feet to her death, the New York Post reports.

According to The Sun, prosecutors allege that Aysal murdered his wife so that he could cash in on the insurance he had taken out on her life.

Credits: Newsflash

The 40-year-old man pushed Semra right after the couple was taking selfies on the top of the cliff. He then tried to claim a life insurance policy he took out for her worth about $57,000. However, Hakan didn’t get the money because there was an ongoing investigation about his wife’s death at the time.

According to prosecutors, Semra’s death was not an “accident.”

They claim Aysal planned the murder to take his pregnant wife’s money.

Credits: Newsflash

Naim Yolcu, Semra’s brother, said Hakan did not show any remorse or grief after the tragic incident. While in court, Yolcu said:

“When we went to the Forensic Medicine Institute to get the body, Hakan was sitting in the car. My family and I were destroyed, but Hakan did not even appear sad.”

Credits: Newsflash

Despite the accusations, Aysal claims he did not push his wife off the cliff:

“After taking a photo, my wife put the phone in her bag. Later she asked me to give her the phone. I got up and then heard my wife scream behind me when I walked a few steps away to get the phone from her bag. When I turned back, she was not there. I did not push my wife.”

The Fethiye High Criminal Court has ruled that he be remanded in custody for premeditated murder.

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