Malignant Narcissist: The most extreme narcissist out there

Not only there are narcissists everywhere around us, but there is more than one kind of these toxic individuals.

Many determine the malignant narcissist to be the worst of them all.

A malignant narcissist is a person who has all of the worst character traits a narcissist could hold. In general, narcissists are people with massive egos who are able to deceive anyone into becoming their puppet and doing whatever they want. Besides, they have no idea what the concept of empathy is, which is backed up by the fact that they are absolutely self-absorbed. While these features go for most narcissistic people, when it comes to malignant narcissists, extremes are what you need to look out for.

How to spot a malignant narcissist? 

The dark side of narcissistic personalities is characterized by aggression, arrogance, selfishness, and greed. People with such features are capable of destroying families, communities, work environments, and even nations, as Psychology Today notes.

Some of the most noticeable traits malignant narcissists have are:

  • Inability to appreciate others
  • Lack of authenticity
  • Need for control
  • Intolerance of the views of others
  • Emotional detachment
  • Grandiosity
  • Lack of awareness or concern regarding the impact of their behavior
  • Minimal emotional reciprocity
  • A desperate need for validation

Why are malignant narcissists dangerous? 

While these toxic people do form connections with others, their intentions are never clear. Whatever they do, they do it intending to become in control of the situation and the others involved. In the process, they make sure that everyone around them somehow owes them something. Thus, the unfortunate souls who happen to be enchanted by a malignant narcissist often, if not always, have to walk on eggshells to please their controlling friend, parent, co-worker, or partner’s fragile ego.

What is more, whenever someone displays confidence or gives a strong but different opinion, these extreme egocentrics would do anything to humiliate that person. They would make sure this individual pays for daring to cross them.

Besides, due to their intensified grandiosity, the malignant narcissists would often tell massive lies. In their heads, it’s enough only to vocalize something to turn it into reality. Regardless of the level of bizarreness their lies are at, they would lash out at anyone who tries to challenge them with facts. Eventually, this behavioral pattern turns into gaslighting.

Why do we feel anxious in a malignant narcissist’s presence? 

Malignant narcissism can be described as a mixture of two personality disorders – narcissistic and antisocial. Understandably, this toxic blend makes people feel intimidated and uncomfortable in the company of someone with suchlike traits. High levels of aggression, combined with a lack of empathy, are enough to make anyone feel endangered.

Other features of malignant narcissists are jealousy, pettiness, hatred, and punitiveness. Their unableness to control their negative emotions and their proneness to swing from one extreme to another often reveals their true nature.

Overall, these extreme, self-absorbed, egoistic creatures are much more dangerous than an average narcissist. Their personality disorder brings out the worst in them, and they are not afraid to embrace it.

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