7 Things to Make Instead of Buying


We live in a world where we can find anything we need on the shelves in the nearest supermarket.

Yes, it is that easy but is it best for us?

Are the products we are being offered all the time through commercials, billboards and magazines worth our money and most importantly, are they good for our health? Can we be 100% sure of their origins, of their purity, ingredients and nutrition labeling? The good news is that there is a better way to do things- why don’t we start slowly replacing bought foods and other products with homemade alternatives? It not only saves money but also is a safer and healthier way to take care of yourself and the ones you love. Here are several ideas you can try out at home.

Make-up and skin care products

We all know that most make-up and skin care products that we are being offered all the time contain different chemicals, parabens and perfumes that are actually not so good for us. Moreover, many world famous brands test their products on animals. That is an important issue that we have to bear in mind when choosing the next body lotion or nighttime face moisturizer. But don’t limit yourself by only what the market is offering you. Make yourself your favorite beauty products using only several natural and harmless ingredients.

Fruits and vegetables

With the rising concern of people of the way fruits and vegetables are treated by the big companies nowadays, producing your own sounds like a better idea than buying ones from the supermarket. This way you will be sure that you are eating real organic food that won’t harm your health or the environment the way big companies’ produce does.

Processed food

If you and your relatives are consuming canned or instant meals on a daily basis, you should consider replacing them with better alternatives. Processed foods contain different ingredients that are bad for your health and unnecessary for your body because they have almost no nutrition at all and sometimes a lot of calories. Try out these foods instead.

Toys for kids

The toy trends nowadays include a complex variety of instructions for use and many tiny metal or plastic parts that are not safe for children. Most of the kids’ favorite toys are actually pretty simple and basic. Why not learn how to craft brand new safe toys for your children to play with?


If you enjoy the taste of the occasional glass of wine or can of beer, why not consider producing your own? The process of producing homemade beverages has its challenges as well as its fun parts. You will be able to try out different flavors and find your favorite one to stick to. Another advantage of making your own alcoholic beverages is that you know exactly what you put in them, while when you buy beer and wine from the store you will never be completely sure about their origin and ingredients or added artificial flavors.
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Cleaning products

Every household has cleaning products that may not seem like a lot of trouble but most of them contain toxic ingredients that you may not know about. The good news is that you can easily make your own cleaning weapons for your home using several main ingredients that can be found in every kitchen: olive oil, backing soda and vinegar.

Handcrafted gifts

A great way to surprise someone is to give them a present you have made by yourself. Homemade gifts serve a warmer message to the receiver- they mean that you have put your time and effort into making them happy.

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