Majority of people regularly want to fight their best friend

A recent LADbible survey on Twitter asked: “Do you regularly want to fight your best mate?”

And while it’s logical to think that the majority of people would vote with a “no,” in reality, 60% of people clicked “yes.”

While there were various reasons for the results, most people agreed that they probably would not be your best friend if you did not smack them every now and then.

“The 40% that said no aren’t real friends,” one person wrote.

Sure, there isn’t any science behind this data, but LADbible’s guess is that barriers between you and your best friend are down. This means you’re more likely to point out each other’s flaws or criticize them on their behavior. And when tensions run high, it’s not hard for things to escalate and turn into a potential fight.

Another theory is that we are just too similar. It’s likely that your best mate is your best mate due to your common interests and personalities. Stubborn, competitive friends are more prone to confront each other because that is what you would do in that situation and neither of you is likely to back down.

In any case, Twitter has spoken, so next time you feel like blowing off some steam, just call your best friend and battle it out in a real-life version of Street Fighter (actually, that’s probably not the best idea).

You can check out LADbible’s Twitter poll below:

Do you agree or disagree with the results of this poll? Let us know how you would vote in the comment section below. 

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