Loyal work friends are a blessing. Here are 6 reasons why

Ah, what a fortune it is to get along with your colleagues, and to actually build decent friendships with them…

Unfortunately, not every person gets to practice their job in a pleasant working environment filled with amazing co-workers.

However, if you have at least one work buddy whom you enjoy talking to during coffee breaks, then you are truly fortunate.

Having loyal colleagues whom you can rely on not only for a good laugh, but also for understanding you, and being there for you, is incredibly rare. Sharing a special connection with your co-workers is a one-of-a-kind experience you will never forget.

Here are 6 reasons why you are truly blessed if you have good, trustworthy work friends.

1. Hard work will seem much easier with them.

It’s 2 pm, you feel utterly exhausted, you have loads of work left to do by the end of your shift, and all you can think about is an 8-hour nap. Then, for a single second, you take a look across the office to see how your favorite co-worker is handling it all. Your eyes meet, and you burst into laughter. This single second makes you forget about all the exhaustion and turns difficult, demanding tasks into funny quests where the prize is a short break with your work bestie on the balcony. A few moments later, you look at the clock, and you see that it’s already time for you to go home and relax.

2. You have crazy inside jokes that no one else gets.

Having a funny group chat with your work buddies is almost inevitable. After all, you need a safe space where you can tell all of your weird inside jokes and talk about that one manager you just cannot stand. This goofy chat of yours is filled with bizarre memes, weird songs, and lots of other stuff whose references only you and your favorite colleagues understand.

3. You never have to have a lunch break alone.

Lunchtime is when all of you gather and talk about all the things that make you forget about work for a while. Having a strong group of work friends, or even just one favorite co-worker makes lunchtime one of the best things throughout a workday. Unfortunately, we appreciate this the most when our work besties are having a day off, and we have no one to share our lunch and gossips with. It’s almost as suffocating as being at school and not having your best mate around, so you actually have to pay attention in class.

4. Going out with them is a totally different kind of fun.

Having a laugh or two with your co-workers during a coffee break is cool and all, but the real fun comes when you go on a night out with them. Seeing these people in an entirely different environment is an amazing experience that leaves you with awesome memories and stories to discuss during lunchtime the day after.

5. They will always have your back.

You are spending at least 40 hours a week with them, so eventually, you build a strong bond with one another. You share your ideas, you talk about life outside the office, you tell each other stories of your childhood. All of this creates mutual trust between you. This mutualism guarantees you can always rely on your work friends when you need a helping hand, or a shoulder to cry on. Besides, they always understand when you complain about the hard work your annoying boss told you to do because they’re literally in this with you.

6. They become your second family.

These people inevitably become as close as family to you, as you spend most of your time in their company. You may even see them more than your actual family. As time passes, they become an important part of your life, as you share not only working hours with them but so much more. You share dreams, ideas, thoughts, secrets, goals, interests, even birthdays. A bond like this will surely last way beyond the office.

Do you get along with your colleagues? Let us know in the comment section!

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