Loving mother shamed for putting her adopted child on a leash: Here’s her response

A mother slammed by critics for leading her adopted son on a leash responded with a touching explanation. 

  • Rachel Butcher responds to those criticizing her for putting her child on a leash in a touching post.
  • The mom explains her adopted boy was born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome.
  • The leash was helping Butcher to keep up with her son’s unusual hyperactivity. 

Rachel Butcher shares she’s been frequently mom-shamed for putting a leash on her adopted 2-year-old son by people who don’t know her story.

Credits: Rachel Butcher/Facebook

While buying a backpack leash for her son, Rachel was well aware of the chance of her being harshly criticized for her decision. However, she had no idea people can reach such unthinkable levels of hatred.

As per the Healthy Food House, last year, the mom took her story to social media. She explained that the child was born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome – a disorder usually caused when babies are exposed to drugs in the womb before birth. Rachel says that using backpack leashes was the only way she could control the boy’s hyperactivity due to his unusual condition.

The concerned mother shares putting her son on a leash was necessary, as he sometimes has uncontrollable movements, and she cannot always keep up.

Credits: Rachel Butcher/Facebook

In a touching Facebook post, Rachel wrote:

“Today was hard. Even as I start to write this now, I’m crying and clouded in shame and embarrassment. I know I shouldn’t feel this way but as I said, today was hard. Our family and friends know our son is adopted, they also know he was born drug addicted. He has more energy and speed than your average 21 month old.”

She went on, describing the harsh situation, saying that she and her partner ‘know little to nothing’ about their adopted son’s biological parents. Trying to clarify that the leash is not simply a result of ‘laziness’, she explained:

“My child runs faster than me. Due to scar tissue from my hysterectomy, I do have trouble running sometimes to keep up with him. Let it also be known, I religiously ran races and ran everyday before my surgery. So it’s not a lack of laziness.”

“What works for your child doesn’t necessarily work for mine.”

Telling a story of how she was mom-shamed at a supermarket, Rachel questions the need of some women to criticize mothers. However, she claims the leash helped her a lot by keeping her son close to her.

“We wore his backpack and he did AMAZING. He was HAPPY, LAUGHING, SMILING, and yes, running, but he was close to me.”

Credits: Rachel Butcher/Facebook

Still, the stares she got made Rachel feel horrible, so she took the items she needed and quickly went home where both she and the child are safe.

Thankfully, the mom has a strong support system of friends, family, and neighbors who are aware of the kid’s unusual hyperactivity.

“My son does not have a disability, he is a runner. My neighbors know he is a runner, so much so that they chase after him too. It takes a village to raise a kid and my village rocks.”

Posting her story on social media, Rachel was trying to raise awareness and encourage others to think before they judge.

Backpack leashes: Yes or No? 

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Successful walk to get the mail and go to the playground! (Don’t judge me!) Logan’s in his @skiphop safety harness mini backpack that we used for the first time. Keeping my boy safe is the # one! He’s a great listener but likes to run when he gets excited. He loves wearing his backpack and has for a while. I told him I wanted to put his tail on and he loves it! I’m holding his sister in the @babytula carrier and I don’t want to shake her little brains chasing him. We can fit his @replayrecycled sippy cup perfect in the side pocket and all of today’s mail. He’s the cutest🤗💙!! . Can’t wait for the zoo and aquarium this summer, anywhere crowded really! Stress low, baby safe. (Daddy will wear him too though🤗 . . . #mywholeworld #momlife #safetyfirst #skiphop #instachatties#abbyschatties #toddlerlife #safetyharness #toddlerleash #runbabyrun#alltheadventures #keepitreal#boymom#momoftwo #familyfirst #allthehashtags 💋

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When it comes to the medical side of the situation, experts are more concerned about potential injuries. But while some doctors fear the risk of children getting choked by the leashes, others believe it’s a personal decision.

According to Dr. Adam Spanier from the University of Maryland School of Medicine, toddler leashes may be a helpful alternative for parents if handled properly.

“It’s a personal decision. This might be a product for a child that tends to wander off if not closely supervised, for crowds to avoid getting lost, for a child with developmental delays, and for children with impulse control issues.”

What’s your opinion about parents who put their toddlers on a leash? Let us know in the comment section!

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