Louisiana Man Attacked by Alligator in Front of Wife in Hurricane Ida Floodwater, Goes Missing

A Hurricane Ida survivor from Louisiana was killed in the floodwaters by an alligator, in front of his wife’s eyes.

The 71-year-old man had gone into 4 feet deep waters on the ground level of his house in Avery Estates, Slidell on Monday, and was on his way out to take a look at the shed. His wife, who is in her 60s, said there was a sudden commotion outside and she went out to see him being eaten alive by a big alligator.

The wife quickly ran to his rescue and was even able to chase the beast off, before pulling her husband back to the steps. She then called emergency services but due to a system issue at St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office, they were not able to respond right away.

The woman then did all she could to help her husband with the use of a first aid kit but was eventually left with no choice but to jump on her canoe and look for help.

The aftermath of Hurricane Ida. Image: Mickey Welsh/Montgomery Advert/Reuters

When she returned, her husband had disappeared. 

“When deputies got out there, they noticed a large amount of blood and learned from his spouse that the body was no longer present,” STPSO said.

Police then started searching the area but their efforts to find the man have so far been fruitless. Authorities are treating the case as a missing person investigation, even though their report states that the man was “attacked and apparently killed.”

The office issued a warning saying:

“Sheriff Randy Smith warns residents to be extra vigilant with walking in flooded areas as wildlife has been displaced as well during this storm and alligators and other animals may have moved closer into neighborhoods.”

Hurricane Ida has caused an estimate of $80 billion in damages and has taken the lives of at least five people thus far since Sunday. It has been recorded as the second most devastating hurricane to befall Louisiana in history after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

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