Lost dog waits in the same spot 4 years before reuniting with owners

A Thailand dog waited for his owners on the very same street they left it four years ago.

The poor pooch’s story was recently posted online by Anuchit Uncharoen. It was also supported by dogthailand.

Uncharoen shares that he spotted Leo hanging around the road, acting like he was abandoned a short while ago. He also saw a woman coming by and feeding the lost dog. They asked around and found out something both devastating and fascinating. Poor Leo had actually been waiting for his owners along the same street for four years now.

The woman who was feeding the dog, Pinnuchawet, said that she had tried to bring Leo home, as he had been rather skinny, and he appeared to be suffering from leprosy.

Even though the woman was taking good care of Leo, several days later he escaped from her house and returned to the street where she found him.

As the dog wasn’t willing to follow the woman home, she had no choice but bringing the food to him.

Sometimes, when she was too busy, her family would feed Leo in her place.

When people saw the abandoned dog’s heartbreaking story on social media, they started sharing it, hoping his real owners would see it and reunite with Leo. Not long after, a family contacted Uncharoen saying that Leo looked exactly like the dog they had lost four years ago, BonBon.

They explained that they were visiting relatives and that they had brought their dog along with them.

When they stopped at a gas station, they realized BonBon was missing. Noi, one of the owners, thought that the dog might have jumped out upon seeing something interesting. Unfortunately, even after turning back to look for their dog, they weren’t able to find him.

Sadly, they suspected that poor BonBon had died on the road. When they found out he was alive after so many years, the family was extremely happy. On Sept 9, they came by to bring their brave BonBon home.

They finally reunited! BonBon wagged his tail in excitement. However, he wasn’t willing to follow Noi home. After a tough discussion, Noi and Pinnuchawet came to the conclusion that it would be better for the latter to care for him while Noi dropped by every now and then to help. On Sept 14, BonBon was brought to the vet for a checkup, after which they took him to his new forever home.

This is another story that shows us how loyal and trustworthy dogs can be. We should learn from them!

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