Los Angeles to shut off water and power to properties hosting ‘unpermitted large gatherings’

Los Angeles may be shut down once again.

Homeowners violating the COVID-19 safety measures may face permanent consequences.

During a press conference on August 5, Mayor Eric Garcetti allowed the city to cut off power and water to properties that violate the gathering restrictions, FOX News reports.

On Wednesday night, Mayor Garcetti said:

“I’m authorizing the city to shut off Los Angeles’ Department of Water and Power service in the egregious cases in which houses, businesses, and other venues are hosting unpermitted large gatherings.”

The mayor declared that owners who disobey the safety measures may find their places shut down “permanently”. This decision was made in relation to Garcetti’s statement that local authorities are facing difficulties dealing with gatherings including hundreds of people who are “breaking the law”.

Mayor Garcetti said he acknowledges all the sacrifices his people have been making ever since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. However, he stressed that these sacrifices “could be undone” by the ones who refuse to follow the rules.

The mayor’s statement comes as coronavirus cases in the state are on the rise.

As of Wednesday, there are 197,912 total reported COVID-19 cases in LA, with 2,347 new cases for a single day.

Responding to a question about the regulation’s legality, Mayor Garcetti said: “We know we can do this.”

The cutting off of power and water is expected to start on Friday night. It will affect people and property owners that are intentionally violating the coronavirus restrictions.

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