Live your life now because sometimes ‘later’ becomes ‘never’

What feels more real for you – the past and the future, or the moment you live in right now?

Where do you focus all of your energy – into your future goals or into your present life?

The truth is, all of it is important. Our actions now predetermine our future. Our past decisions are responsible for our present behavior. They have a lot to do with who we are and how we perceive life in general. So the most significant thing is what you’re doing, thinking, and saying right now, at this exact moment.

Someone once said, “Do it now because sometimes later becomes never”.

What we perceive as a past is just a collection of memories, some more bitter than others, that we keep in our minds. As for the future, it is an imaginative concept of what would possibly happen, but it’s never absolutely real.

The only thing that’s real is what is happening at this very second. All we have is the power of now. But how can you embrace this power?

First, learn how to live in the present. You need to stop living in the past or the unknown future. You need to live now. After all, if not now, then when? This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have goals and think about your future. This means to focus your energy on what’s happening in the present because the future is always beginning now.

That’s exactly why you need to appreciate the moment. Nothing in this world is promised, except for the moment you’re living in right now. This is the only constant timeline.

The fierce urgency of now it’s all you ever have.

As the past may offer you an identity, and the future may promise you a dream life-path, none of this is completely real.

That’s why you need to make the present moment count. You need to break the chains of the past and let go of the burden that’s been holding you down. You need to stop wasting your time daydreaming and start fulfilling it by actually doing the things you’ve always wanted to do.

Whatever you want to say, say it. Whatever you want to express, do it now. And whatever you want to achieve, stop waiting for a miracle to happen, and start working on it. Quit hesitating and start doing. And one day, when the years go by, your hair goes white, and your knees get stiff, you can turn around and say that you lived life to the fullest. Imagine how lucky you would be if you are able to do it.

Do you want to know the key to happiness?

Your happiness isn’t about your wealth, your ideal weight, or what you’re doing for a living. Your happiness is about how you choose to spend this exact moment. It’s about appreciating what you have and who is beside you. And it’s about paying attention to the little things in life that spark joy in you and brighten up your days.

Learning how to be grateful for what you are and what you have will liberate you. You will realize how much time you’ve wasted regretting the past or worrying about the future. And this realization will help you embrace the power of now and live in the moment.

Stop taking your life for granted.

It’s a gift you need to cherish with every breath you take. And it’s a gift you need to cherish NOW because tomorrow is never promised.

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